Pocket BVM Resuscitator With 02 Tubing

Pocket BVM Resuscitator with O2 tubing has become the resuscitator of choice amongst military units and has been adopted by the U.S., German army, NATO, etc.


Thoracic Needle Decompression

​Thoracic Needle Decompression is a way performed to stabilize deteriorating patients in the life-threatening situation of a tension pneumothorax.


Guedel Oral Airway

Guedel Oral Airway can keep the respiratory tract unobstructed, and can reduce the patient's oral cavity and airway mucous membrane damage.


Chest Seal- Y Vented Style

Chest Seal- Y Vented Style can release accumulated air or evacuation of blood and are effective in preventing the re-entry of air through the open chest wound.


Hydrogels Chest Seal-4 Vented

Hydrogels Chest Seal-4 Vented is an advanced occlusive wound dressing designed to penetrate the chest that result in open chest wounds tension pneumothorax.


Premium Chest Seal Twin Pack

Premium Chest Seal Twin Pack can avert penetrating injuries to the chest that result in open chest wounds and may lead to tension pneumothorax.


Hydrogels Occlusive Chest Seal

Hydrogels Occlusive Chest Seal to be used as a temporary bandage to treat penetrating chest wounds that could compromise the pleural space of the chest cavity.


Hydrogels Chest Seal-3 Vented

Hydrogels Chest Seal-3 Vented is a low-profile and compact vented dressing that relieves pressure from an open chest wound due to air or fluid in the chest.


Tension Pneumothorax Access Kit

Tension Pneumothorax Access Kit catheter for use in the management of combat casualties who present with the signs and symptoms of a tension pneumothorax.


Needle Decompression Tension kits

Needle Decompression Tension kits are designed to provide the appropriate length needle/catheter to penetrate the pleural space in 99% of patients.