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Bulletproof Vest Full Protection BVP-007

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√ Be prepared for various conditions. This model enables it to transform the vest from basic covert style through overt style to a full protection model using only one set of BVP-007 Soft Armor Panels.

√ Protection Selection Option is brought by easy attachment of throat, neck, groin, or upper arm parts

√ MOLLE system on the front, back & whole surface of external cummerbund for enlarged loading of various accessories options

√ Full wrap-around style external cummerbund√ Comfortable ventilation and anti-microbial protection systems provided by a spacing mesh liner

√ Equipped with waist placed Quick Release System enabling quick&easy doffing in emergency situation adjustable shoulder straps for a better fit of the carrier


Police, Special Forces, Army


Aramid UD / Aramid Woven / UHMWPE UD


NIJ IIIA, upgradeable to NIJ III and NIJ IV by adding Hard Armor Plates.