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Chitosan hemostatic Gauze, Z-folded

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Chitosan hemostatic gauze

Chitosan hemostatic gauze | Rusun TacMed ®, 3″×5‘ (7.5CMX1.5M), z-folded, enhanced chitosan hemostatic granules start the clotting in seconds, pain-killing, better recovery…

Rusun TacMed ® Chitosan hemostatic gauze is one of our most advanced chitosan haemostatic dressings, We carefully selected special non-woven fabrics as the base material of the reinforced chitosan hemostatic gauze, and evenly loaded the chitosan hemostatic granules. Chitosan gauze is used to stop bleeding from various traumatic injuries by stuffing it into the wound cavity with certain firm pressure. In seconds, the gauze will be gel-like to block the bleeding site. It adheres to the wound and ensures that it will not fall off during transport.

Easy remove with saline without second injury to the wound. Faster and better haemorrhage control is a good choice for military haemostatic dressing.

Problems solved:

√ Rapid clotting, the fastest clotting time starts in seconds and severe hemorrhage control is within 10 seconds.

√ Better healing and pain-killing outcomes.

√ Works well at -40 and 50 degrees Celsius.

√ Both ordinary blood and heparinized blood can effectively agglutinate.

√ Strongly adhesive to the wound, effective blocking, and moving the wounded is not easy to cause re-bleeding.


Chitosan Hemostatic Gauze

Product Name: Chitosan Hemostatic Gauze/Chitosan Hemostatic dressing/Military Hemostatic Dressing

Material: special nonwoven fabric loaded with enhanced chitosan hemostatic(haemostatic) granules

SKU: HC-017

Sterilization: STERILE | R

Specification: 3″×5′ (7.5cm×150cm)

Shelf life: 3 years

Rusun TacMed ® Enhanced chitosan hemostatic gauze is also know as chitosan hemostatic dressing, chitosan hemostatic agent, military chitosan heamostatic dressing. It is one of the most common uses of combat gauze to treat fatal artery bleeding. Such as battlefield injuries, accidents and etc.

Rusun TacMed ® newly developed chitosan haemostatic dressing starts clotting in seconds. Instantly absorb the blood liquid and block the bleeding site to save lives.

How to use Chitosan Hemostatic Gauze

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