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Emergency Blanket, 210x160cm, Silver/Golden

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Emergency Blanket can increase your chances of survival in all weather, all seasons, and all circumstances. It’s made using high quality durable insulating mylar material.

It is a compact and lightweight shelter that can be easily stored in the car glove compartment for easy transport during camping trips. Each emergency blanket is individually packaged. It is easy to store and retrieve from your backpack and emergency Kits.

It is made of durable insulating Mylar material.   It retains/reflects the body heat. It is reusable, waterproof, windproof, and weatherproof.

Product Name: Golden Emergency Blanket

Color:  Silver/Golden

Size: 130x210cm, 140x210cm, 150x210cm, 160x210cm

Material: military-grade 12-micron aluminized polyethylene mylar

√ Emergency first aid space backpacking blankets are waterproof and weatherproof to keep you dry in damp, wet, rainy, and cold environments

√ The emergency foil mylar thermal blankets are made of durable insulating mylar material. It’s designed to reflect heat back to the body. It retains or reflects back 90% of body heat. It is reusable, waterproof, and windproof

√ The emergency foil mylar thermal blankets are very compact in size and lightweight. You can fold it and carry it anywhere.

√ Can be used as a ground cover, sleeping bag liner, or to prevent hypothermia and shock in extreme weather conditions

√ An emergency blanket, sometimes referred to as a first-aid blanket, space blanket, mylar, thermal or weather blanket, is used in emergencies to reduce heat loss in a person’s body caused by thermal radiation