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Guedel Oral Airway

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AM-001 Oropharyngeal airway can keep the respiratory tract unobstructed, can reduce the patient’s oral cavity and airway mucous membrane damage, and prevent the tongue from falling back, which is conducive to sputum absorption. Use an oropharyngeal airway only if the patient is unconscious or minimally responsive because it may stimulate gagging, which poses a risk of aspiration.

Product Name: AM-001 Oropharyngeal Airway

Material: PE、PP

Sterilization: EO


Shelf life:3 years

√ A smooth, polished exterior surface minimizes trauma during use

√ Made with soft transparent PVC for flexibility and patient comfort

√ Guedel style enclosed center channel

√ Color-coded to easily identify sizes

√ Flexible polyethylene airway with a reinforced bite block

√ Rigid body to maintain a patent airway

√ Individually packaged to ensure cleanliness and disposable for single-patient use