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H Bandage

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H bandage compression dressing is designed for various severe traumatic injuries of pre-hospital first aid responders, military, law enforcement, organizations, etc. H bandage as the hemostatic bandage allows for one-hand use which provides fast and convenient application for severe traumatic injuries involving arterial bleeding.

The H-shaped cinch allows for direct pressure to be applied directly on top of a wound, increasing compression and reducing blood loss.

H compressing bandage is a suitable design to enable it to be used as an effective packed-focal pressure dressing for the control of non-amputation peripheral artery limb hemorrhage in soldiers on the battlefield.


  Product Name: H Bandage Compression Dressing

  Sterilization: STERILE | R

  Specification: 100mm x 1800mm

                 150mm x 1800mm

                 100mm x 4500mm

150mm x 4500mm

  Shelf life: 3 years


  H bandage compression dressing is composed of an elastic bandage, dressing pad, and fixation device

  Elastic bandage: 40% polyester low stretch yarn, 46% polyester staple fiber, and 14% latex yarn.

  Dressing pad: made of non-woven fabric in accordance with FZ/T 64005-2011 and medical skimmed cotton in accordance with YY/T 0330-2015.

  Velcro: is made of nylon (polyamide) in accordance with GB/T 20218-2006.

  H-type fixation device, splint, C-type fixation device: made of polyethylene (PE) injection molded in compliance with YY/T 0114-2008.


Used for the care of non-chronic wounds on the body surface, or used to provide binding force to the wound dressing or limb to play the role of dressing and fixation.


1. When this product is used, the aseptic operation procedure should be strictly enforced

2. Take the first aid hemostatic bandage out of the package

3. align the dressing pad with the wound or wound, fix one end of the bandage, use the other end to wrap and wrap the pressurized fixing device, pull it tight, and fix it.

H Bandage Compression Dressings -1

①. Tear and open the package

②.The dressing pad is aligned with the wound


④. The elastic bandage is passed through the H

H Bandage Compression Dressings -2

⑤. Reverse winding

⑥. All-round winding

⑦.Finally fix the tail of the bandage