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Nano Zeolite Hemostatic Dressing,100g

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Hemostatic Dressing100g adopts Rusun TacMed ® exclusive patented nano zeolite technology which stops the gush-like bleeding within 12-60s and with no heat release. It is totally different from the traditional hemostatic dressings, when you put the hemostatic dressing on the bleeding site, it will release heat to cause a second burn to the wound. It will cause wound inflammation, difficulty in healing, and damage to the wound from secondary debridement, etc.

Nano zeolite hemostatic dressing as the brand-new innovative hemostat dressing can rapidly stop arterial and venous hemorrhage. It has a wide range of applications and there is no competing product of the same type until now.

Problems we solve:

Faster & better hemorrhage control starts from 12 seconds and stops gush-like bleeding within 60 seconds with direct pressure on the bleeding site until the bleeding stops.

Zero heat release. Do not cause a second injury to the wound.

Special-made mesh bag for wrapping the spherical granules to adapt to various battlefields or chaotic first aid scenes. The pad-like zeolite hemostatic dressing is easier to contact with the bleeding site.

Easy and convenient to remove. Just directly remove the special mesh bag-wrapped hemostatic dressing after the casualty arrived at the next phrase to the medical station or the battlefield hospitals.

Product Name: Nano Zeolite Hemostatic Dressing

SKU: HC-003

Material: Exclusive patented zeolite hemostatic granules wrapped in a special-made mesh bag.

Sterilization: STERILE | R

Specification: 100g

Shelf life: 3 years

Nano zeolite Hemostatic dressing, 100g,  to be used in battlefield first aid, emergency rescue, surgery, traffic accidents, and others

Nano zeolite granules are wrapped in a mesh bag made of special non-woven fabric. To ensure the maximum area of contact with the injured open wound during bleeding control, and at the same time to ensure that the spherical granules in the bag will not be scattered or blow away by the wind, and will not cause secondary injury due to the removal of wound residues after pressing to stop bleeding.

Rusun TacMed ® hemostatic dressing, 100g can instantly absorb the water of blood without absorbing white blood cells, red blood cells, or other macromolecular solutes, which results in the concentration of platelets and blood coagulation factor, and the gush-like arterial bleeding can be stopped within 60 seconds. It is highly suitable for self and mutual rescue.

We have 25g, 50g, and 100g for different emergency ambient.