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Olive Green IFAK Kits

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Olive green IFAK Kits, 880g as the army IFAKfor military personnel, size 19x8x23cm, 16 IFAK contents. Lightweight and compact. Olive green is easy to conceal which is the best choice for army IFAK.

Olive green IFAK Kits as one of the best IFAK features as compact & lightweight, easy to access, economical and etc.

Our IFAK pouch equips with 

√ MILITARY GRADE Combat Application Tourniquet(CAT) (totally different from the market tourniquet). Quality is guaranteed.

√ PREMIUM Nasal airway/NPA, is soft and does not cause injury to the nasopharyngeal.

√ Class II burning gel perfectly cures and relieves burning injuries.

√ Emergency blanket, MILITARY GREEN/SILVER. If you want to conceal the background, you choose the green side. If you want the rescue team to quickly search you. Use the silver side to reflect the light to get yourself easily spotted. IT IS NOT LIKE THE TRADITIONAL GOLDEN COLOR OR SILVER COLOR, TOO SHINY.

√ 82 TYPE COTTON triangular bandage is a high-quality bandage that differs from the disposable nonwoven triangular bandage.

√ Green fracture splint which is adherent the conceal features as the olive green bag.

IFAK is configurable and extremely versatile for every mission and uses Rusun TacMed ® IFAK to treat lethal death in combat.

The Individual First Aid Kit increases individual warfighter capabilities to provide Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid and provides interventions for two leading causes of death on the battlefield, severe hemorrhage and inadequate airway.

PREMIUM IFAK for the army, which we have advanced hemostasis and premium quality medical content to meet different requirements.

Olive green IFAK Kits

SKU: MK-007

Size: 19x8x23cm

Fabric: High Strength Polyester Fabric

Medical Contents: 16 items

N.W. : 880g

Olive Green IFAK bag 1pcs

√ Emergency trauma bandage(Israel Bandage) 6 inch  1pcs

MILITARY GRADE Combat Applicaiton Tourniquet (CAT) 38x890mm 1pcs

√ Chest Seal Vented, 3 vented.

PREMIUM Pre-lubricated nasal airway 28Fr 1pcs

√ Burning dressing 400*600mm

CLASS II Burning gel 40g 1pcs

√ Permanent marker black 1pcs

√ Sterile gauze 5*5cm, 10pcs/pack

√ Emergency blanket SILVER/GREEN(double sided color) 210*160cm 1pcs

82 Type COTTON triangular bandage 96x96x136cm 1 pcs

√ Fracture splint, MILITARY GREEN, 92x11cm 1 pcs

√ Medical Tape 2.5cm x 5m 1pcs

√ Compression gauze 4.5″x4.1yards, 6ply, cotton, white, 1pcs

√ Tactical scissors for medical staff 16cm 1pcs

√ Nitrile gloves L, black,  1 pair