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Double Lumen Laryngeal Mask Airway-Silicone

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Double lumen laryngeal mask airway (LMA)-silicone | Rusun TacMed ® is the most advanced supraglottic airway device with a triple anti-aspiration design. They may be used as a temporary method to maintain an open airway during the administration of anesthesia or as an immediate life-saving measure in a patient with a difficult or failed airway.

The biggest innovation of Rusun TacMed ® double lumen laryngeal mask airway has multiple regurgitations and anti-aspiration structures, which can better control reflux, prevent patients from aspiration, prevent airway obstruction, and then prevent complications such as bronchial and pneumonia.

Because the laryngeal mask placement is compared with tracheal intubation, the biggest problem is that reflux aspiration may occur. Our double lumen laryngeal mask airway greatly reduces this aspiration.

√ The overall arc of 107 ° of the pharyngeal mask is designed without pressure on the posterior pharyngeal wall and tracheal sulcus.

√ The design has uvula concavity and tongue fovea to elevate the uvula and tongue central groove. The irritation was small and well tolerated.

√ Seal pressure (cmH2O) >30

√ Can be intubated via laryngeal mask

√ Max. gastric tube placement (Fr.) 18#

√ After the laryngeal mask is inserted, the gastrointestinal tube can be placed through the nose during the operation (suitable for upper gastrointestinal surgery)

√ Esophageal convexity can direct the shunt of reflux fluid to the back of the mask capsule to avoid accidental aspiration of reflux fluid into the trachea.

√ Triple anti-aspiration design: Esophageal convex diversion, Catheter groove shunt, Drainage channel drainage.

SKU Sizes
Applicable Weight  Maximum Inflation  Packing
TM-S10 1.0#  Infant <5kg  4ml

5 or 10pcs/box,


TM-S15 1.5 Infant 5-12kg 7ml
TM-S20 2.0 Child 12-25kg 10ml
TM-S25 2.5 Child 25-40kg 14ml


3.0 Adult 40-65kg  20ml
TM-S40 4.0 Adult 65-90kg 30ml
TM-S50 5.0 Adult >90kg  40ml