Combat Body Armor Vest BVS-065

Combat Body Armor Vest designed for Individual combat system- Grenadier ballistic Material Aramid UD / Aramid Woven / UHMWPE UD


Tactical Bulletproof Vest Squad BVS-064

Tactical Bulletproof Vest Squad webbing attached to accessible areas, hydration system pocket, and integrated, snag-free hose routing to keep water readily accessible


Tactical Uniform Style Vest BVS-063

Tactical Uniform Style Vest Full wrap-around cummerbund with pockets on both sides holding plates, Plate pockets include a bottom opening exterior oriented flap


Bulletproof Vest Squad BVS-061

Bulletproof Vest Squad ​Breathable and waterproof fabric with 3D space mesh lining, Modular design, and full protection style with a large protection area.


Body Armor Vest Squad BVS-062

Body Armor Vest Squad Four point Quick release buckle on shoulders and waist, Removable collar, throat, shoulder, groin, and upper arms protections(optional)


Modular Body Armor Systems BVS-066

Modular Body Armor Systems designed for Individual combat system- Machine gunner ballistic Material Aramid UD / Aramid Woven / UHMWPE UD