Hemostatic Granule Applicator 6g

Hemostatic granule applicator treats narrow penetrating injuries fast with a pre-filled hemostatic granule applicator. Faster and better, it instantly absorbs the blood, swells, and forms a sticky gel-like clot to block the bleeding site.


SOF Metal Tourniquet

SOF metal tourniquet is also called a soft tourniquet, SOF tactical/ tourniquet. It is stronger, lighter, and easier to use so you can stop the bleed anywhere life takes you.


Tactical Medical Belt System

Tactical medical belt is also called medical assault combat belt, first line gear belt, or medical assault combat belt system. It is composed of 5 FAK pouches.


Olive Green IFAK Kits

Olive Green IFAK Kits, 880g as the army IFAK for military personnel, size 19x8x23cm, 16 IFAK contents. Lightweight and compact. Olive green is easy to conceal.


Black IFAK Pouch

IFAK pouch, black, 18x7x17cm, 753g, 17 medical contents, lightweight and compact. This IFAK can treat the most lethal injuries on the battlefield…


H Bandage Compression Dressing

H Bandage compression dressing, size 100x1800mm, 100x 4500mm is used as an emergency dressing and a hemostat for arterial bleeding and hemorrhaging in limbs.


Pocket BVM Resuscitator With 02 Tubing

Pocket BVM Resuscitator with O2 tubing has become the resuscitator of choice amongst military units and has been adopted by the U.S., German army, NATO, etc.


Chitosan hemostatic Gauze, Z-folded

Chitosan hemostatic gauze, 3"×5‘ (7.5CMX1.5M), z-folded, enhanced chitosan hemostatic granules start the clotting in seconds, pain-killing, better recovery...