Olive Green IFAK Kits

Olive Green IFAK Kits, 880g as the army IFAK for military personnel, size 19x8x23cm, 16 IFAK contents. Lightweight and compact. Olive green is easy to conceal.


Tactical Medical Belt System

Tactical medical belt is also called medical assault combat belt, first line gear belt, or medical assault combat belt system. It is composed of 5 FAK pouches.


Black IFAK Pouch

IFAK pouch, black, 18x7x17cm, 753g, 17 medical contents, lightweight and compact. This IFAK can treat the most lethal injuries on the battlefield…


SOF IFAK Military Camouflage-Advanced

SOF IFAK, size 16x9x18cm, compact & lightweight, easy access, compatible leg, and belt strap system with robust buckle, high-strength special fabric, etc.


Military IFAK,MARCH IFAK-Advanced

MK-006 Military IFAK, size 19x8x23cm, easy access, compatible leg, and belt straps system with robust buckle, waterproof, flame retardant, wear-resistant, anti-blocking, etc.


Basic-IFAK Kit, Camouflage

IFAK Kit, Camouflage medical contents-Basic configurations with an economical price. Compact & lightweight, easy-access IFAK pouch with robust buckle