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Rusun TacMed ® the BEST tactical & Hemorrhage control leader in China!!!

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Rusun TacMed ® is the BEST tactical and hemorrhage control leader in China that focuses on rapid bleeding control, first aid solutions, and protection solutions for military, police, EMS, fire departments, hospitals, city agencies, etc.

Strong competitive products & exclusive patented from Rusun TacMed ®: Hemorrhage control is faster and safer than the most commonly used type.

√ Nano Zeolite Combat Hemostatic Granules – Zero heat release & wind preventing packaging.

√ Nano Zeolite Hemostatic Gauzes – Zero heat release, halve the usage amount.

√ CM-Chitosan Emergency Hemostatic Granules can be degraded in Vivo.

√ CM-Chitosan-based wound healing gauze, for nursing care of different acute and chronic wounds. It rapidly absorbs blood and wound exudates with functions of hemostasis, and accelerates recovery of wounds, inhibiting scar growth.

√ CM-Chitosan-based absorbable hemostatic non-woven fabric for hemorrhage control in vivo. it can be completely degraded in Vivo within 2 weeks without any toxic side effects.

√ Military First Aid Kits (A full line of military first aid kits, from the smallest IFAKs to field medical doctors use professional backpacks).

√ A full line of medical content for equipping the various military FAKs. Such as the most advanced hemorrhage control products, chest seals, pre-lubricated nasal airway, sternal puncture needles, tracheostomy Kits, cricothyroid membrane puncture kits, surgical kits, titanium tactical shears, multi-functional neck braces, etc.

√ A full line of military equipment: Such as military stretcher, body armor, helmets, etc.

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