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Hemostatic Granule Applicator 6g

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Hemostatic granule syringe applicator 6g | RusunTacMed ® patented CM(Carboxymythyl)-Chitosan hemostatic granules pre-filled in an applicator. It is easy and convenient to achieve high-speed delivery of the CM-Chitosan to the narrow entry bleeding site.

As one of the most advanced hemostatic agents, the Carboxymethyl (for short CM) chitosan granule starts to work in 5 seconds when the granules are in contact with the blood. It instantly absorbs the blood, swells, and forms a sticky gel-like clot to block the bleeding site. The CM-chitosan hemostatic granule applicator 6g is designed for narrow penetrating wounds. Directly to the bleeding site in just a few seconds.

RusunTacMed ® CM-hemostatic applicator has excellent outcomes in independent testing outperforming Celox A rapid granule applicator and Quickclot Combat Gauze. Proven by battlefield end-users, we are the fastest and best hemostatic agent for bleeding control in the world. The wound heals well and the user experience is the best.

We solve the problems:

√ Strongly adhesive to the wound, effective blocking, and moving the wounded is not easy to cause re-bleeding.

√ The fastest clotting time starts with several seconds and severe hemorrhage control within 60 seconds.

√ We solve the problem of the commonly used chitosan granules that can not be degraded in Vivo. CM-Chitosan can be safely degraded within two weeks., and the degraded component is glucosamine.

√ The Ph in Carboxymethyl chitosan is about 7.3(the traditional and commonly used chitosan on the market which improves the liquid absorption by adding lactic acid and the Ph is about 5.5), which massively improved the liquid absorption speed and efficiency.

√ The exclusive patented technology of carboxymethyl chitosan has better healing and pain-killing outcomes.

√ Works well at -40 and 50 degrees Celsius.

Hemostatic granule syringe applicator 6g

Material: CM-chitosan hemostatic granules with applicator

SKU: HC-013

Sterilization: STERILE | R

Specification: 6g

Shelf life: 3 years

Carry RusunTacMed ® CM-hemostatic syringe applicator for:

Small entry wounds

Knife wounds

Shrapnel wounds from blasts

Bullet entry wounds

Applying through strong blood flows

Controlled application to all wounds