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Brand New Soft Oropharyngeal Airway

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Soft oropharyngeal airway | Rusun TacMed ® is also known as an oral airway, OPA.  It is a medical device called an airway adjunct used in airway management to maintain or open a patient’s airway. It does this by preventing the tongue from covering the epiglottis. When a person becomes unconscious, the muscles in their jaw relax and allow the tongue to obstruct the airway.

Soft oropharyngeal airway | Rusun TacMed ® is totally different from the Guedel oropharyngeal airway. It’s a brand new design for triple functions first aid, sputum suction operation, and anesthesia.

Disadvantages of the traditional oropharyngeal airway include:

√ stiff to damage the oropharyngeal tissues

√ flip is needed

√ irritation to cause the uncomfortable of nerve ending area

√ insufficient air/oxygen provision


Advantages of Rusun TacMed ® soft oropharyngeal airway include:

√  First aid application: New unique design for better ventilation and a more comfortable user experience.

● It can hold the tongue base to prevent the tongue from falling back, thus the patient’s airway would be opened completely.

● With independent endotracheal tube channel & independent ventilation channel. Ventilation from both side channels vastly increased the provision of sufficient air/oxygen.

● Insert directly, no need to flip.

● Made by unique medical elastic material, super slippery surface, reducing damage to oropharyngeal tissues.

● Avoid the nerve-ending area, and reduce irritation, thus making it more comfortable for patients.


√  Easy to do sputum suction operation

● Due to this oropharyngeal airway can hold the tongue base, the sputum suction catheter can be inserted easily from any side of the channels during ventilation.


√  Functions used for anesthesia

● Anesthesia induction period: Assist aspiration

● Anesthesia maintenance period: Fix and protect the endotracheal tube

● Recovery period: Prevent tongue from falling back, assist in performing sputum suction.


There are three sizes: Small for children,  Middle / Large for Adults