Project Description

Bulletproof Riot Shield QRS-001

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√ Quick release neck collar with dual bungee system

√ High Lumen LED lights with a light burst

√ Aluminum alloy lightweight handle with better grip

√ A lower soft armor shield provides extra protection for the user’s groin and thigh



√ Bulletproof material: Silicon carbide ceramic + PE fiber composite material

√ Anti-ballistic performance: NIJ 0101.06 LEVEL IV or 7.62*54R API

√ Protected area: 0.32m

√ Hard shield dimension: 880*450±2mm

√ Visor dimension: 223*73mm

√ Soft shield dimension: 300*400mm±2mm

√ Weight: ≤24kg

√ Components: shield body, handle, LED light source, buttstock, quick release system

√ Shield color: black, camouflage, and other colors can be customized



Special forces when performing anti-terrorism missions in cities, alleys, night circumstances,

QRS001 ballistic shield that can not only provide protection effectively but also be able to take the lead to assault.