Project Description

Bulletproof Vest Demining Suit DMS-001

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Upper jacket: provides front, back, sides, shoulders, and neck protection with optional upgrade of armor plate protection. And high collar design is working with a head protection system to provide full coverage protection.

Trousers: provide groin, thigh, and shin protection

Ballistic mine helmet and visor: provide full coverage of head and neck area.

Demining boots are in the function of all-terrain with flexibility and comfort for deminer and offer protection against high explosives and blast pressure.



The demining suit anti-fragmentation system could offer a range of 500-650m/s V50 value according to Stanag 2920



√ High modular Aramid/UHMWPE solutions for anti-fragmentation system

√ High strength fire-resistance Nomex outer shell.

√ Soft and hard armor attachments available for upgrade of higher protection level according to demand.