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High Absorbent 100% Chitosan Hemostatic Combat Gauze

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High Absorbent 100% Chitosan Hemostatic Combat Gauze丨Rusun TacMed® exclusive technology, fastest absorbent, works within 10 seconds compression.

Rusun TacMed® is always aiming at saving treatment time. In the field, time is NO.1 important, expecially there’s seious injured. After we developed Caboxymythyl hydrogel chitosan dressing, Kaolin clotting gauze, we have a major achievement — 100% Choitsan hemostatic gauze, become hydrogeal once meet blood, quick and great absorption, superb adhension, almost 0% fall off in transit, can avoid second injury.


We solve problems:


√ This combat gauze 100% made of Chitosan, super adsorption and clotting.

√ Reduces blood loss in rapid action, quickly stops severe bleeding.

√ Zero hear release, no second injury would be caused.

√ Marine biological products, safe to use, friendly to environment.

High Absorbent 100% Chitosan Hemostatic Combat Gauze

Material: 100% Chitosan

SKU: HC-018

Sterilization: STERILE | R

Specification: 3″×5″ (7.5cm×150cm)

Shelf life: 3 years

Rusun Chitosan Hemostatic Gauze works effectively against fatal injuries caused by bleeding. While reducing significantly blood loss and treatment time, the gauze remained in place during transportation of the injured, and no second bleeding occurred.