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Olive Green Extrication Collar

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Olive Green Extrication Collar is a one-piece rigid cervical spine immobilization device designed to assist the rescuer with the maintenance of neutral alignment prevention of lateral(side-to-side) sway and anterior-posterior (forward and backward) flexion and extension of the cervical spine during transport and routine patient care or movement.


Collar Adult can be adjusted to size 16

Collar Middle can be adjusted to size 14

Collar Mini can be adjusted to size 12

All models are radio translucent by CT and MRI.

Product Name: Olive Green Extrication Collar

SKU:  HH-003

Material: High-quality plastic, foam, leather, hook, and loop

Specification: 57*18*1cm

Features: Pre-formed collar with tracheotomy opening for extraction and rehabilitation 4 geared height adjustment mechanism for maximum support of upper cervical spine X-ray, MRI, CT penetrable Polyethylene soft foam lining for easy application and comfort Large tracheal aperture provides access for airway management and other procedures.

√ Have one rescuer manually stabilize the head and neck, gently holding the head and neck in the neutral alignment position.

NOTE: If resistance is felt or an increase in patient discomfort is noted, follow your established protocols for immobilization of the cervical spine in the presence of known or suspected cervical dislocation.

√ Once the head and neck are manually stabilized, a second rescuer should apply an extrication collar to the patient. Size the collar as determined below. The applied collar must not hyper-extend the patient’s neck.

√ Measure the distance between an imaginary plane drawn horizontally and immediately below the patient’s chin and a second horizontal plane drawn immediately on top of the patient’s shoulder.

√ Compare this distance with the distance from the collar sizing line to the other end aspect of the sizing label and read the right size number.

√  Sizing: The Collar Adult is preset to Neckless Size1.The collar Middle is preset to Pediatric Size 1. The Collar Mini is preset to Infant Size 1. If a larger size collar is needed, disengage the safety locks by pulling up on the locking buttons.

√ Adjust the collar to the appropriate size The Collar Adult provides 16 ratchet settings between the traditional sizes Neckless and Tall. The Collar Middle provides 14 ratchet settings between the traditional sizes Pediatric and Regular. The Collar Mini provides 12 ratchet setting.