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First Aid Neck Brace

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HH-002 First Aid Neck Brace are orthopedic devices designed to support the cervical portion of a spinal cord and used in emergencies when the injury first occurs to create a safe position to move the victim.   Following medical attention, a neck brace can facilitate proper healing as well as act as therapy for chronic medical conditions.

Product Name: HH-002 First Aid Neck Brace

Material: plastic, foam, leather, hook, and loop

Specification: 57*18*1cm

Technical parameters:Pre-formed collar with tracheotomy opening for extraction and rehabilitation 4 geared height adjustment mechanism for maximum support of upper cervical spine X-ray, MRI, CT penetrable Polyethylene soft foam lining for easy application and comfort Large tracheal aperture provides access for airway management and other procedures.

√ The material of soft foam makes it fit comfortably with the neck. The internal material is soft, 100% cotton stretch fabric and nylon stab sticky buckle composition, the injured person wearing process has a comfortable feeling, to avoid secondary scratch.

√ Sponge devices can have low, medium, and high three position adjustments, suitable for different people, the product is clearly marked, and easy to use according to the actual situation adjustment.

√ Sponge neck brace is suitable for neck injuries to upright support for use of people. It can also be applied to people with neck injuries in first aid to reduce pain and relax the neck muscles so the neck sprain can be relieved.

√ It can be used with an airway opening to facilitate carotid artery monitoring and tracheal intubation, and the posterior opening is designed for easy palpation and ventilation. The unique fixation lock ensures the stability and symmetry of the neck plug. The overall material is metal-free and suitable for X-ray, CT tomography, and MRI tomography examinations without removing the neck brace. Forming a spinal fixation system together with a spinal plate is possible.