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First Aid Safety Bandage Scissors

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TS-003 First Aid Safety Bandage Scissors are scissors that often have an angled tip with a blunt tip on the bottom blade. This helps in cutting bandages without gouging the skin. Plus, the blunted tips will ensure that you’re far from inadvertent pokes and tears. These shears keep you safe, secure, and comfortable as you can snip away kinesiology tape on various fabrics, and leather.

Product Name: TS-003 First Aid Safety Bandage Scissors

Material: Stainless Steel

Specification: 6in / 7.5in (15cm/19cm)

Shelf life: 5 years

√ Bandage Scissors featuring deep serrations on the blades, cut through several layers of bandages with ease. These Trauma scissors can snip through bandages or Kinesio tapes.

√ These bandage scissors will keep accidental pokes and tears at bay. Seamlessly cut through your patients using bandages or tape with ease and without the fear of lacerations.

√ Securely grasp these shears’ PP-coated handles. Whether you’re a rightie or a leftie the angled handles allow you a secure grip that’ll make long cutting sessions comfortable.

√ Sharpness forging high-density stainless steel blades with 3 times heat treatments to ensure scissors much sharper and durable, Cut anything safely and efficiently.

√ The high impact plastic grips with large finger openings are specially created to stand up to rough treatment and autoclave temperatures, setting these scissors medical bags apart from all of the disposable shears on the market. Milled serrations allow for cutting through tough material, and the blunt tip keeps patients safe.