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Military Green Fracture Splint

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Military Green Fracture Splint is used for immobilizing injured bones resulting from trauma damage and soft tissue injuries during first aid emergencies. The military green is easy to conceal. It is universally used for pre-hospital first aid of immobilizing injured bones.

Lightweight, and is made with aluminum covered in foam that, depending on the medical situation, you can mold into multiple-shaped curves.

In order to accommodate a variety of limb sizes, this splint can be folded, or even cut down to whatever size suits the victim. No matter how it’s customized this splint remains sturdy while in use during first aid or trauma-related emergencies so that the injured bone is properly immobilized.

Product Name:  Military Green Fracture Splint

Material: Aluminum plate + ixpe

Specification:11*92cm / 36″

Shelf life: 3 years

√ Weatherproof and Reusable perfect for all conditions and environments, and easy to clean and reuse.

√ Easy to cut and Shape the split is easily cut with shears or scissors to allow you to use a split for smaller body parts or to fit tricky injuries.

√ Superior aluminum interior the aluminum core housed between the outer foam shell is substantially lighter and more flexible than other plaster or fiberglass splits, and is also radiolucent, allowing Xrays to be performed without having to remove the splint.

√ Treat injured and fractured limbs with this lightweight and flexible splint. Can be shaped into a cylinder, it can fix and support the wound with help of static bend supporting force.