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Premium-IFAK Pouch, Camouflage Color

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MK-001 IFAK pouch features as compact & lightweight, easy access, economical and etc. 600D or 800D camouflage color, size 8X14X20CM, 0.95KG equips with 18 medical contents.

MK-001 IFAK pouch equips with the most advanced hemorrhage control agents-CM-chitosan hemostatic granules and Z-folded Kaolin hemostatic gauze 7.5x370cm, a high-quality military-grade tactical tourniquet(different from the market tourniquet)

IFAK (individual first aid kit) is configurable and extremely versatile for every mission and uses Rusun TacMed ® IFAK to treat lethal death in combat.

The Individual First Aid Kit increases individual warfighter capabilities to provide Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid and provides interventions for two leading causes of death on the battlefield, severe hemorrhage and inadequate airway.

IFAK Pouch Camouflage

SKU: MK-001

Size: 8X14X20CM

Fabric: 600D/800D/1000D/Military Special Fabric

Medical Contents: 18 items

N.W. : 950KG

√ Camouflage IFAK pouch (600D/800D/1000D/Military Special Fabric) 1pcs

Rusun TacMed ® | Exclusive patented trauma emergency hemostatic granules (Faster  & better than Celox)15g 1pcs

√ Kaolin hemostatic gauze, Z-folded, 7.5cm*3.7m 1pcs

MILITARY GRADE Chest Seal Vented – Twin pack (Y type + Ordinary Type+4 gauze pad) 1pcs

MILITARY GRADE (CAT) Combat Application tourniquet 38x890mm   1pcs

PREMIUM Pre-lubricated nasal airway 28Fr 1pcs

√ Nitrile gloves, L, black 1 pair

√ Sterile gauze peg 5x5cm 10pcs/Pack  1 pack

Emergency blanket SILVER/GREEN(double sided color) 210*160cm 1pcs

√ Permanent marker black 1pcs

√ Emergency trauma bandage/Israel Bandage 6inch 1pcs

OR Emergency Hemostatic Bandage (Type H) 150mm * 4500mm 1pcs

82 Type COTTON triangular bandage 96x96x136cm 1 pcs

√ Burning dressing 40x60cm 1PCS

CLASS II Burning gel 40g 1pcs

√ Fracture splint, MILITARY GREEN, 92x11cm 1 pcs

√ Trauma tape 2.5cm x 5m 1pcs

√ Compression gauze 4.5″x4.1yards, 6ply, cotton, white 1pcs

Titanium coated trauma shears 19cm 1pcs