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Junctional Tourniquet

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HC-007 Junctional tourniquets are external compression devices that occlude blood flow from the iliac or axillary arteries to prevent hemorrhage. Junctional tourniquets have been incorporated into tactical combat casualty care for junctional vascular trauma. They apply external compression to stop blood flow in the groin and axilla.

Product Name: HC-007 Junctional Tourniquet

Material: Polyester


Shelf life: 5 years

Technical parameters:

√ The tourniquet is fully unfolded and can withstand a tension of 500N, and there is no damage and no cracks after 5 minutes.

√  After the tourniquet is placed, it can withstand a tension of 200N, and after 5 minutes, the tourniquet will not collapse.

√ The velcro on the self-adhesive tape can withstand a tension of 30N.

√ The connection of the buckle fixing clip can withstand a tension of 50N without being damaged.

√ Stop bleeding effectively from junction areas such as groin, pelvis, shoulder, or neck

√ Safe to use

√ Effective for prehospital use

√ Small with a low profile

√ Lightweight

√ Easy to use requiring minimal training

√ Applied quickly

√ Does not slip on tightening when in use

√ Provides easy release of compression

√ Long shelf life