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Kaolin Z folded Hemostatic Gauze-Economical

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Kaolin hemostatic gauze, Z-folded, neutral package, 7.5*3.7m, which is similar to the Quickclot combat gauze with an economical price.

It has good hemostatic properties, is non-toxic, and has good biocompatibility, which makes kaolin gauze gradually occupy a place in the field of hemostatic materials. As an excellent hemostatic material, kaolin gauze has the following advantages:

√ Low cost: Kaolin gauze is a non-metallic mineral hemostatic component of kaolin, which has the advantages of low price and abundant resources;

√ Hypoallergenic: Kaolin gauze does not contain allergens such as animal protein or vegetable protein, and is not prone to allergic reactions when it comes into contact with wounds;

√ Various mechanisms of hemostasis: Kaolin gauze can directly contact and activate FⅫ or FⅪ to initiate the endogenous coagulation pathway; at the same time, it rapidly absorbs water molecules in the blood and concentrates platelets and thrombin in the blood, thereby accelerating the body’s coagulation process;

√ Good hemostatic effect: The curative effect on moderate to severe hemostasis is comparable to that of traditional zeolite hemostatic materials, but there is no exothermic phenomenon, and it is not easy to cause tissue thermal damage.

It should be pointed out that the kaolin gauze is not biodegradable and needs to be removed before surgery.

Kaolin Z-folded Hemostatic Gauze

Material: Nonwoven gauze impreganated with Kaolin

SKU: HC-011

Sterilization: STERILE | R

Specification: 7.5*3.7m, Z-folded

Shelf life: 3 years