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Medical Kit for Three Injured Soldiers

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MK-007 Military medical kit, size 35x25x23cm, professional tactical combat doctors’ first choice. 

√ The medical kit is specially equipped for combat doctors to treat at least three injured soldiers.

√ Multiple pouches inside and outside with customized belts to properly equip the medical contents.

√ Multifunctional shoulder straps allow the medical bag to be worn cross-body or converted to a backpack medical bag.

√ The fabric for the medical kit is made of high-strength special fabric with features, such as waterproof, flame retardant, wear-resistant, anti-blocking, seawater immersion resistance, etc.

√ Robust buckle, double zipper, etc.

Military medical kit

SKU: MK-007

Size: 35x25x23cm

Fabric: High Strength Polyester Fabric

Medical Contents: For at least three injured soldiers

N.W. : 3.2kg

√ Rusun TacMed ® Exclusive patented nano zeolite hemostatic granules 25g, 50g, 100g, Fast bleeding control with 12-60seconds

√ Rusun TacMed ® Exclusive patented nano zeolite hemostatic gauze 9x10cm-12ply 2pcs/pack 3 packs

√ Rusun TacMed ® Exclusive patented CM-chitosan syringe applicator 6g 3pcs

√ Combat metal tourniquet (SOF) 1pcs

√ Combat applicaiton tourniquet (CAT) 1pcs

√ Israeli bandage 4 inches 1pcs

√ Israeli bandage 6 inches 1pcs

√ Emergency Hemostatic Bandage (Type H) 150mm * 4500mm1pcs

√ HIGH QUALITY SOFT Pre-lubricated nasal airway 28Fr 3pcs

√ Brand-new soft oropharyngeal airway 3pcs

√ BVM Resuscitator 1 pcs

√ Pocket artificial respiration mask 1pcs

√ Premium chest seal vented – twin pack 1pack

√ Chest seal 3 vented 2pcs

√ Premium decompression needle RSTM-001-I 14G 3pcs

√ Burning gel 40g 3pcs

√ Burning dressing 40*60cm 3pcs

√ Premium double fabric cotton triangular bandage 3pcs

√ Emergency blanket 210 x 160 cm 3pcs

√ Compression gauze 4.5″x4.1yards, 6ply, cotton, white, 3pcs

√ Nitrile gloves, black, L, 3pair

√ Medical Tape 2.5x450cm 3pcs

√ Sterilized Cotton pad 10pcs/pack 3 pack

√ Titanium Trauma shears 19cm 1pcs

√ Permanent marker black 1pcs